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Friday, September 16, 2016

Cath & Jo - St. Martin's Church & Castle Cornet

Cath & Jo's wedding was a particularly busy day, they got married at St. Martin's Church, with the reception held at Castle Cornet.

 Tim, Cath's father, practised his speech in the garden on the lovely morning.

 There wasn't too much time once the bride and bridesmaids arrived from the hairdressers, but all got ready in good time.

While I photographed the bride's preparations with my daughter Rosemary, my wife Karen was photographing the groomsmen.  Jo seemed quite relaxed, cheerfully greeting guests as they arrived at the church.
Cath had a very special chauffeur, Roger's beautiful Rolls Royce provided an extra element of elegance to her arrival at the church.  The bridesmaids arrived in a couple of Land Rovers, both meticulously cleaned as if they had just left the showroom.
 The couple's transport for after the ceremony was already waiting parked nearby, a bit of a contrast, a loud and brightly coloured TVR!

As  Reverend Kerle asked everyone to stand, Cath was proudly escorted up the aisle by her father.

It was an emotional moment.

 Rev. Kerle can always be relied upon to give a touching and humorous ceremony.

 There was a surprise awaiting the couple as they left the church, a guard of honour provided by the rowing club!  A special treat for Cath.  I knew with the rowing club involved in the wedding it was going to be a lively party that evening!

 After a few family group pictures and lots of hugs and handshakes all around we left to go to Castle Cornet for the reception.

 The Castle has got to be one of the most spectacular locations for a wedding.
 The reception itself was held in the Hatton gallery, speeches took place before the meal.  The decor was perfect, with little jars of honey from the family hives on all the tables too!

 The guests were treated to some great evening entertainment.  We had to quickly fit in some pictures on the way to the Amherst Room.  Now most weddings may have a band or a DJ, but we had 2 bands and a DJ!  Plus the groom himself played in both bands, Jo and Cath really are a very talented couple!

 It was hot and loud!  Gay Army and Thee Jenerators pumped out some awesome music to a very appreciative audience.  I was certainly impressed and enjoyed the show and taking photographs of the high energy performances.

 Then it was back to the Hatton Gallery for the cake cutting and first dance.  DJ Andre kept the dance floor heaving in this atmospheric setting.

 A special day for a special couple.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

AeroSparx - night time air display

I don't seem to post many non-wedding related pictures on my blog, not quite sure why really.  But, in any case, occasionally something comes up that is quite special and spectacular.

Tonight Guernsey was treated to an amazing display by the AeroSparx team.  On a beautiful still night, with a high spring tide, St. Peter Port Harbour was the perfect setting.

I was actually enjoying a family meal in town before one of my daughters leaves to start university.  While they didn't have to move from their seats as they had an upstairs view over the harbour from The Taj, I made my excuses as I ran off to set up my cameras on the Albert Pier.

It is always tricky to photograph something that one has never seen before, but I figured the exposures should be similar to a firework display.

Things happened fast and the near 10 minute display seemed to be over in far too short a time.

Anyway here are some of my shots, the first one is an exposure that covers just over 7 minutes of the display in one image, it illustrates the bewildering amount of manoeuvres these guys make, in the dark, while firing pyrotechnics!

Quickly packing up, I then made my way back to finish my beer and nan bread.  A quite special evening.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mica & Richard - a wedding at Castle Cornet

Mica & Richard's wedding was very distinctive.  Firstly they had a small and very sweet ceremony at St. Saviours Church on Friday, then the next day a spectacular celebration at Castle Cornet.

Believe it or not, this actually wasn't the smallest ceremony we had photographed.  It was beautifully relaxed and quite delightful.  Rev. Charmley took the ceremony, with only the couple and their parents present.  Well I was there with my normal team, my wife Karen and also my eldest daughter Rosemary.  As normal, we kept ourselves very discreet, even more important with such a small number of people in attendance.

A few work colleagues had hidden away outside as Mica & Richard emerged as a married couple.

Now onto Day 2. 

 One of the bridesmaids, Sophie (on the far right), spent the following day in a bath of tomatoes for charity!  A strange contrast indeed!  Well done and good luck with your tricycle ride to Paris too.

 While Rosemary and myself covered the bride getting ready, my wife Karen photographed the groomsmen.
 An old friend needed some special attention throughout the morning.

 The scene at the Castle for the ceremony was idylic.

 Rev. Charmley took the ceremony again, but the legalities had been taken care of the day before.  What a unique setting.

 A wedding in a castle, with a cake to match.
 The details in the marquee were obviously very carefully thought about.  The effect was stunning.
 Our toastmaster, Anthony, had come over specially from Jersey.  He was a great asset to the smooth running of the day.  But then having worked with his father, I knew Anthony would be well trained.
 Speeches took place prior to the meal.

 As evening approached we had the cake cutting and then people enjoyed the evening sunshine as preparations took place for the first dance.

 Castle Cornet is always an exciting place to photograph in, it was fun to take a few more artistic pictures later in the day.

 What a truly great day we all enjoyed with Mica & Richard.