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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Aimee & James

This wedding took place under the richest blue skies that Guernsey can produce, and a blazing sun.  Luckily the ceremony and reception took place in a location perfectly suited to the occasion, in a hidden corner of the parish of St. Peter's.

There was quite a crowd in the cottage where Aimee got ready.  Baby Harry was a little star and never short of willing helpers.

 Another willing helper for Aimee's make-up.

 Aimee's dad, Peter, had his van all ready to drive Aimee a short distance up the road.  A very sweet vehicle for the bride.

 At the marquee James and his groomsmen finished off a few things then greeted the guests as they arrived for the ceremony.

 A great entrance!

 As they say, location, location, location!
 Caryn, from White Dove, conducted the humanist ceremony.  Everyone was in great humour, even if a bit hot!

 It's not often in Guernsey that umbrellas are needed for the sun...

 There was plenty of time for a relaxed drink as everyone gathered together before the food.

 The setting and marquee were quite beautiful, the hard work put into the preparations was well worthwhile.

 Dad's speech was particularly touching.

As the sun got lower in the sky we took advantage of some gorgeous light.
 After the first dance the dance floor was heaving, but some preferred to just sit outside and watch the sunset.

 I was waiting for just the right time to take a shot like this, when the artificial lighting had just the right glow against the remnants of the sunset.  What a stunning setting, and skilled photography too!

 With no moon I was keen to see if I could take a picture of the wedding venue and the stars.  Due to the glow of the midsummer sun I had to wait until midnight to get this, but hopefully you agree it was worth the wait.

What a beautiful day in so many ways.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hannah & Jamie

What an enjoyable day Hannah & Jamie had.
 It's quite handy when one of your bridesmaids is a make up artist.  Preparations were very relaxed.

 The attention wasn't just on the bride, Opal had a lot of attention too!
 Hannah's mum, Debbie, had gone to great lengths to decorate the home and the wedding venue at the Bella Luce to spectacular effect.
 I am sure another picture of Opal will be appreciated...

 The groomsmen got ready at the Bella Luce, where my wife Karen photographed them.

 After an extremely heavy period of rain in the morning, it was all beautifully clear by the time everyone arrived at St. Martin's Church.

 The smiles say it all!
 This was the last wedding we were covering with Rev. Keirle at St. Martin's before his departure to become Dean of Jersey.  Best wishes for your new role Mike, and thank you for all the great ceremonies and humour over the years.

 The newly weds emerged from the church to the guard of honour.

 Not to be outdone, Hannah's midwife colleagues made up another guard of honour with their pinards.
 We stopped off on the cliffs for a few pictures.  The blue sky had turned very grey and the wind did make it rather tricky, the veil had to stay in the car.

 The Bella Luce is always a lovely venue for the reception.  The marque and the decorations were quite amazing.  Special mention must be made for the work Debbie had put in, together with the Wedding Fairy, and of course for Charlotte from the Bella Luce for her tireless work throughout the day.

 Speeches were great entertainment.

 Jamie's sword was useful to photograph the rings on, it also made a very effective cake knife!

 I was really pleased with the below image of the first dance.  Thanks for your help Jack.
 After the first dance the band sprang into action.  This was the first time I had heard Youthe, I can recommend them highly and look forward to seeing them again at another wedding that is coming up in the next few weeks.  The dance floor was so packed it was actually very difficult to get in there to take photographs!