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Friday, August 30, 2013

Kerrie & Adam

Kerrie & Adam's wedding took place in a couple of Guernsey's most photogenic locations, Sausmarez Manor and the Bon Port Hotel.  Until a bit of mist drifted in later in the day we all sweltered on what must have been one of the hottest days of the year.

This character was completely unfazed by the preparations going on at home, or by the heat.

 Adam and his groomsmen arrived at the Manor, put on their button holes and awaited for everyone else to arrive.

 The intense sun shining into the dark interior gave some dramatic if difficult to work with light.

After the ceremony everyone gathered on the lawn for family photographs and people were ferried to the reception by minibus.

 After the last bus had departed we were left in peace to take a few pictures of Kerrie & Adam in the gardens before making our way to the Bon Port Hotel for the reception.

 Speeches were short and sweet, with some very heartfelt words by Adam about his wife.

 As night fell it was time for the atmosphere to change and also for the level of activity to move up a gear.

 A lovely end to a great day.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Daniella & Richard

Another lovely wedding, Daniella & Richard got married at Castel Church with their reception at The Venue.  The morning preparations were to a tight schedule, but everything went well and we were all perfectly on time.

Seth, the page boy, had plenty to keep him occupied and seemed to be able to do press ups as well as use an iPad at the same time!

 Daniella looked stunning.  We had a long drive to the church with roadworks and traffic to contend with, but everyone arrived in good time.

 Seth and Ellie were little stars as page boy and flower girl, though it seems Ellie kept a close eye on Seth!

 The Venue was decorated beautifully and the weather was just right for people to enjoy themselves outdoors before coming in for the speeches and meal.

 No doubt about who's boss here!

 The bouquet toss was keenly contested and had a highly amusing outcome.

 City Limits treated us to another great performance right from the first to last dance, a hard working and talented group.

 It is always a pleasure to see so many people enjoying themselves so thoroughly.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Perseids Meteor Shower

I rarely post anything but wedding related work on this site, but you may be interested in this little video.  With some clear skies last night I was keen to see the Perseids.  You can see a few meteors in this short time lapse:-
Low quality to keep the file size down.  Short too, but with our weather you have to grab every opportunity you can to see events like this.  Not long after half past midnight the cloud moved in and it was time to go in.

Let's see if tonight brings clear enough skies.

OK here's a longer version from about 10 pm on the 12th to 4:30 am on the 13th.  Complete with the passage of the International Space Station about 16 seconds in.  On the full resolution version it is quite amazing how many shooting stars there were.  Six and a half hours condensed to 2 minutes:-

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Samantha & William

This wedding was held in the most perfect weather, in the most idyllic location.  It was a busy morning as I started off covering the groomsmen plus a fair few extra people having a swim, followed by seeing Sam at Envy the hairdressers.  Fortunately all events were a short distance apart in St. Martins.

  There was a great reaction when Sam walked down the stairs to be seen in her dress for the first time.
 It wasn't far to go to St. Martins church where Will looked pretty cool and collected.

 Reverend Trickey conducted the service.  We were treated to the beautiful singing of the choir Johnny's Angels.

 After the ceremony, another short journey took us to the cliff top location for the reception.  The views were just breathtaking.
 It was a bit of a garden party atmosphere at times.

 Inside the marquee things looked spectacular.  Will's mum had made hundreds of meters of bunting!

 Dad's jokes were pretty good.

 Stuart, the best man, kept us all entertained.  It is surprising what can be learnt about people at a wedding!

 The Barley Dogs soon got into the their usual swing, keeping the dance floor heaving for their sets before the DJ took over.  In fact the rest of the day was a bit wild!

 Even such a great day had to come to an end eventually.  Enjoy your distant honeymoon Sam and WIll.