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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alicia & Michael

Another special wedding.  With the groom being from the United States, we were privileged to have a fair number of visitors from that country.  I enjoy events with a mix of different cultures as this always brings a different aspect to them.  There was a busy start to the day, juggling taking pictures at the hairdressers and covering the groom's and bride's preparations.
How many does it take...?
We just had time to take a few pictures of the stunning bride before the church service.
It looks like there's some last minute advice being given out here!

Michael appeared very relaxed as he waited for his bride.
A stop at the park before the reception at the Farmhouse.
A cleverly spotted composition at the reception by my wife and assistant Karen.
The speeches were hugely entertaining, Nick the bride's father seemed to enjoy himself immensely!
The remainder of the day was to the accompaniment of the appropriately named band The States, always something I look forward to.  After the first dance, the rest of the evening saw some pretty frenzied dancing.

A fantastic day for Alicia & Michael to start off their married life together.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sophie & Simon

Sophie and Simon had quite a memorable day.  There was great humour throughout and the meticulous planning and attention to detail well worthwhile.

The make up and hair was done at Sophie's parents house, this meant that there was less travelling around for us to do.  More time for pictures!

Sophie looked absolutely beautiful.
At the church, St. Joesph's, Father Stan was busy going over the words for the ceremony as we awaited the arrival of the bridesmaids and then the bride.
The service was lovely, Father Stan quite charming.  He revealed later this was his first wedding conducted in english, he made a fine job of it.  The candles provided another  moment of laughter!
Some rain meant there was no lingering outside the church.  The weather certainly didn't put us off from a stop for pictures, neither did heavy traffic or a show at the park.
An amusing contrast in this scene.
The marquee in the garden looked beautiful, so much effort had gone into the interior.
I was excited to spot this little detail, the flowers in the pool had gently blown into one corner, perfect with rain drops over them.
Everyone enjoyed some amusing speeches, the best man had certainly gone into a lot of effort to inform us of some colourful moments in Simon's life!
As night fell the marquee looked spectacular in the garden.  The fun continued inside.
The dancing continued until late with lots of energy.  Below is one of my favourite images of recent times, minimal lighting and just a hint of colour but it sums up the mood for me.
Finally time to say goodnight.