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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kassandra & James

Kassie & James, with their children Alfie and Chloe, had a lovely wedding day that was all they had hoped and planned for.

Chloe and Kassie's dresses together tell a sweet story.

 Their beautiful blue persian just had to be photographed as it peeped out from the detailed lace.

 Dad was amazed at how beautiful his daughter looked.  Just wait for James' reaction in the church a short time later.

 My wife, Karen, covered the groomsmen getting ready.

 St. Peter's Church was the location for the ceremony, always a picteresque church with its unusual sloping aisle up to the altar.

 James' initial emotional look soon turned into a beaming smile as he watched Kassie walk towards him.
 Something felt different as James waited his turn to sign the register.

 Little Chloe was so good throughout the day.

 Thanks to Bruce Russell, we had a handy location for some pictures on our way to the reception.
 The Farmhouse was decorated to great effect, some clever use of lace with the seat ribbons.

 Much good humour was evident during the speeches.

After the first dance, The Bandits gave their normal great performance, keeping the dance floor active all night.

 A truly beautiful day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lucy & Sam

Another lovely recent wedding from a very busy summer.

Lucy got ready at La Grande Mare where the reception was going to be held later in the day.

 A few tears as the bridesmaids opened some gifts from Lucy...
 Sam got ready back at home.  The most notable thing to have happened to Lucy & Sam since they booked me was the arrival of their son Harrison.  The groomsmen were entrusted to look after him for the morning.  Sam's present from Lucy was wrapped up in a nappy box, not what he was expecting!

 Harrison was quite delightful and so good in church.
 It wasn't far to go from La Grande Mare to St. Matthew's Church for the ceremony.

 It was a bit breezy to stop off at the beach for pictures after the ceremony, so we had a quick visit to Saumarez Park.  Some good light, nice flowers and beautiful pictures.
 The reception room was decorated to great effect.
 Seems a trend to take a selfie...
 Speeches made everyone laugh and feel emotional too.
 I won't mention why the balloon pump was mentioned in the best man's speech, suffice to say some roared with laughter, some were horrified!

 The music was provided by the band Stoked, their high energy was matched by the dancers.  Some images are not suitable for this blog!
 A fitting day for such a fun loving couple.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Elisabeth & Peter

A beautiful day for Liz and Peter on the first day of August.  They were getting married at St. Peter's church, with a reception at the Old Government House hotel.

 Stunning flowers and a summery choice of colour for the bridesmaids' dresses.

 Liz and her dad clearly had a close bond.

 Meanwhile a little helping hand with the scissors for Peter, before the groomsmen made their way to the church.
 No sign of nerves for either the groom or bride.

It was nice to see Rev. Linda Le Vasseur temporarily back in the western parishes again.

 The ceremony was lovely, a highlight being the touching and personal address from Rev Nicole Le Goupillot.

 On the way to the reception we stopped off for pictures on the cliffs near the couple's home.  Then we also stopped by the harbour as Liz & Peter have a close affinity with the sea as they are both keen rowers.
 The cake had been made by Liz's mum and carefully brought over from the UK.  It was well worth the effort.

 Speeches were split at the beginning and end of the meal.

 The forecast evening rain never appeared, giving people plenty of time to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air before the dancing.
 City Limits gave their normal great performance and there were plenty of energetic displays on the dance floor.
 A really lovely day for a lovely couple.