Nick Desprs Photography

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Olivia & Sam

I love weddings with a mix of cultures and countries.  They inevitably have a few different opportunities throughout the day.

Olivia got ready at the St. Pierre Park Hotel.  All seemed relaxed and well organised.

 I spotted this possible composition early on,  fortunately I was able to capture this fleeting moment of Olivia and her bridesmaids before the scene was lost.
 The bride really did look amazing.

 Sam got ready at home,  a bit of debate about how to do the ties, a quick beer then it was onward to St. James for the ceremony.

 A lot of effort had gone into preparing the hall.
Yes, really it did happen, the groomsmen forgot the rings at home!  But after a run back on such a hot day, the rings arrived just seconds before the bride!

 Jayne White conducted a beautiful ceremony.

 We visited Candie Gardens for some pictures.  Harsh contrasty light can be difficult to deal with, but then it is also fun to play light and shade off each other.

 The couple met working on a ship, so another stop at the harbour was apt, then we went to the Auberge at Jerbourg for the reception.

 Dancing commenced in a totally different way and things got pretty wild for a time as everyone had great fun.
 Heavy rain also gave us the chance to pop outside to create a few pictures as night fell.
 There was a lot of smoke around as the groomsmen enjoyed a cigar late on.

Quite a special day, lots more went on but this is all I am sharing on this preview.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Claire & Robert

Claire & Robert had a wonderful wedding day recently.  The ceremony was at the Town Church, always a great place to get married.

Claire got ready at her parents' house, not far from the church itself.

 Dad was quite amazed at his beautiful daughter.

Robert and his groomsmen enjoyed a beer before making their way to the church to await the arrival of his bride.

  Rob Harnish took the service, it was a stirring occasion in such a beautiful setting.

 Afterwards we all emerged into the rain.

After a stop for pictures on the nearby cliffs the couple went to the Bella Luce Hotel for the reception.  A cosy welcome awaited, complete with crown and anchor for entertainment!

 Umbrellas gave a different look to our family group shots.
 The marquee was beautifully decorated.

Speeches were truly touching, with some very emotional moments.

In the evening everyone moved into the hotel and enjoyed the jazz band.  Troy had been mentioned in the speeches and his performance did not disappoint.
 Q-Sky took over the music and lighting for the rest of the night from the first dance.

 It was dry enough for people to spend time outside chatting and even enjoying a cigar as night fell.

 Another great day.