Nick Desprs Photography

Friday, December 28, 2012

Heather & Andrew

I enjoy winter weddings as there are lots of challenges but the atmosphere is quite unique.  Heather and Andrew's wedding was just before Christmas and it was a lovely event.

 The dress was watched over by one of Heather's cats.

 We got to the Capelles Methodist Church just in time, where Andrew had been waiting and kept amused by his two best men.

We had a very personal ceremony, followed by some family group shots in the church as not only was it wet outside but it was also blowing a full gale.  Then it was onwards to the Bella Luce Hotel for the reception.
The warmth of the interior was just right on a day like this.  Heather and Andrew were in a relaxed mood as they waited to enter the dining room.

Speeches took place before the meal, the bestmen seemed to relish their task, someone else looked a little less than comfortable!

The cake continued the winter theme and looked spectacular, we also took advantage of some festive lights for other pictures.

Soon it was time for the dancing, after the first dance it was all loud and frantic with everyone seeing out the rest of the day in a rather energetic fashion.  It was a fitting send off for Heather and Andrew.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Julia & Matt

Julia and Matt got married at the Greffe during the week and then their main day was held at the St. Pierre Park Hotel.  Surprisingly rhe weather was pretty good, it was nice to just stroll up the road to the hairdressers.  With both the bride and groom getting ready at the hotel it made for a more relaxing start of the day for us, with everything taking place within a short distance.

The 3 Js got ready together, Julia the bride, Jessica the flower girl and Jerry the bridesmaid.

My wife and assistant was covering the groomsmen prior to the ceremony.

Dad was especially proud to be escorting his only daughter up the aisle.
Jayne White of White Dove conducted the humanist ceremony, this was a very happy and touching event.
On the way to meet Julia's class I spotted this opportunity for an unusual reflection picture, only a fraction of a second to react and grab this as they walked by.  The small children were enthralled to see Julia in her stunning dress.

The reception room was beautifully decorated, I took advantage of the decor for this picture.

Speeches took place at the end of the meal and provided a lot of entertaining information about the groom.
During the speeches Matt shared some exciting news with everyone, but not before he had handed a letter to Julia with the news first.

After the cake cutting it was onto the dancing, I really like the two little onlookers in the picture below.


A wedding is all about the people and I pride myself on capturing as many candid shots as possible of people being themselves.

Just room for one more picture to share, but of course lots more to look forward to when I complete editing this wedding.