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Friday, July 31, 2015

Katy & Thomas

I got to know Katy and Thomas very well, as we had met a few times since March last year to photograph an engagement album that was used as a signing book at their wedding.  We had been looking forward to their big day a long time.

Katy and her two bridesmaids got ready at The Farmhouse where the reception was to be held later in the day.  They were in great spirits and got ready in plenty of time, which made things much more relaxing.

 Time we left for St. James...
 Don't want to give away my age, but I must admit I used to sometimes catch this bus to get home from school!  It was used to take some of the guests from the Farmhouse to St. James for the ceremony.

 Katy's mum had the honour of walking her daughter up the aisle.  Jayne White conducted a lovely ceremony.

 After the ceremony we had a brief stop for pictures before returning to the beautifully decorated Farmhouse.

 Shame they ran out of icing for the back of the cake!
 That lovely guest book proved popular.
 Katy's mum gave the first speech; it was very touching.

 The dancing kept people entertained long into the night.

Hope you are having a great time away Katy & Thomas.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sammy & Jason

Sammy & Jason's wedding was a very relaxed event.  They got married at the Greffe, followed by a bit of time at Sammy's father's house for those who attended the Greffe.  Then the rest of the reception took place at The Auberge at Jerbourg.

Sammy got ready at the Fermain Valley Hotel. then we made our way to the Greffe for the ceremony.

 There was a lovely atmosphere at the house after the ceremony, though a couple of brief showers of rain did chase people inside temporarily.

 Things brightened up later in the afternoon as the rest of the guests assembled at The Auberge.

 There was a lot of laughter as people mingled before being called in for the speeches and food.

 Baby Hugo was a real star of the day.

 Soon it was time for dancing, with a pretty packed dance floor for the rest of the night.

A wonderful way to start off their married life together.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Elizabeth & Matthew

We had an early start to this wedding, Matthew wanted some photographs of him taking Monty for a walk on the beach.  It was bright and sunny, but fairly breezy.  I was hoping the forecast was right with the wind decreasing for our stop on the cliffs after the ceremony.

Monty was pretty tricky to photograph, never seeming to stop for long!

 Matthew got ready at La Fregate Hotel, where the reception was to be held later.
 The speech got some last minute attention.

 Lizzy was getting ready at her parents' home, all went well and it wasn't far to go to St. Andrew's Church for the ceremony.

 What an amazing dress, it suited Lizzy perfectly.

 Rev. Tracy Charmley stood in at St. Andrew's Church, it was a very sweet and lovely ceremony.

 After the ceremony we stopped off on the cliffs, fortunately the forecast had delivered, the wind had died down and didn't cause issues with hair or veil.

 The reception room was beautifully decorated.

 Speeches were hilarious, I found it difficult to hold the camera still enough at times!

 The Orangery was a great place for the dancing.  A warm, still evening also allowed people to chat and stay outdoors if they liked.

It was a truly fantastic wedding day.  Apologies if you were expecting this preview to be posted a little quicker, I am currently using a public wi-fi to post this, my internet has been down for 5 days and still unresolved.  Why does this always happen at such a busy time of the year?  Also just when I want to follow the Tour de France!