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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tim Gaudion at The Gallery

I wanted to post a short piece on an enjoyable evening a week or so ago when Tim Gaudion ataged an art exhibition at The Gallery in Mill Street. Now I have known Tim for a fair time, mainly known him as a web designer and videographer, he is behind the filming of Karl Taylor's instructional dvds. So it came as a bit of a surprise to find out recently that Tim was a very accomplished artist, I was keen to see more of his work and the opening night of his show provided this opportunity. I took my camera and just a standard lens, it was interesting to see what I could achieve in these circumstances, I was pleased I went.

Tim was kept busy chatting with the large crowd that gathered.

There was a lot of interest in the beautiful work on display.

How much? Bargain!

One of my favourite pictures for a while, it was cold and wet, but the view from the street made for a fascinating picture.

Just a quick picture on the cycle ride home, dark and with a brooding night sky, but there was a certain quality about this image that I couldn't just pass by.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Landscape in New Clinical Block

I am naturally a fairly quiet person who doesn't shout about my work too much, I do literally let my images do the talking. But please permit me to share with you a quite stunning print of mine that has been hung in the New Clinical Block at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey.

The builders of the block, Charles Le Quesne, donated this piece of artwork via Karl Taylor at The scale of this canvas is quite breathtaking, it is huge! It really does stand out in the crisp, modern corridor.

The scene is of a still evening at St. Saviour's Reservoir in Guernsey and is one of my favourite landscapes. So without further ado, please see below for the pictures themselves.

For those who have asked or have an interest this image was not taken digitally. It was photographed on a Canham T657 camera, (a large format 5x7 inch format), with a 6x17 roll film adaptor, on Fuji Velvia 100, the lens was my amazingly sharp Rodenstock 90mm, (an ultra wide angle lens in this format). Working with equipment like this is another world from the digital cameras most of my work is carried out with now. Everything is entirely manual, there are so many areas to make mistakes, seeing and focusing the image is a challenge in itself, plus you have all the multitude of camera movements to make to ensure you have got the perspective and planes of focus correct. A far cry indeed from the convenience of digital capture.

But above all this you still have to have the eye for a good picture, no matter how you photograph it.

I for one am grateful I grew up with varied photography like I have for the 30 years I have been using cameras, the skills I have learnt serve me well and enable me to draw on my experience to handle situations that present themselves during my wedding photography. There is no substitute for hard earned experience, and no short cuts to developing the necessary skills. I am happy for my clients to know what I am capable of so that they have full confidence in my ability.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yoga in Herm

Last weekend I was privileged to attend a Beinspired Yoga weekend in Herm.

Everyone had lots of fun and benefited from some great classes and instruction from Emma, Vicky and Sheila. My job was to take some photographs to show the workshop, as well as sneak away occasionally to try and take some personal work. Another prominent feature of the weekend of course was the weather, we saw some disruption to the programme due to the severe gales and rain that hit the area that weekend. But nothing could dampened the spirits of the people who braved the journey. The staff on Herm were wonderful, the classes took place at the White House Hotel and we had some lovely meals at the Mermaid Tavern.

I will let Emma cover the weekend from her perspective on her website, but here are a few of my images of the weekend.

The classes were very well organised and I must say I have great respect for those who practice yoga, whatever their experience and abilities, it really does seem to be a way of life for many.

Sheila also took an introductory session in watercolour during some free time in the afternoon, what better for people to practice on than scenes of the lovely island of Herm. The enthusiasm was infectious.

Thank you to Vicky for taking the time to allow me take a few photographs of her doing some yoga on the beach, also for being taken by me to the other end of the island in the rain only to find that the conditions were so bad we didn't take any more pictures.

But if you can't do what you want to there are always other opportunities, like this delightful detail of rain dripping off some pine needles.

Now most people probably thought I was still in bed when they started their yoga class on Sunday morning, but no, one of my loves is landscape photography and a gale and driving rain wasn't going to put me off! I got my spiritual fulfilment walking around for a few hours from well before dawn. All the pictures you see here were taken in the rain. But bad weather also means mood and emotion, something I love portraying. Overall I impressed myself with what I managed to achieve under the conditions, though I was limited to pointing the lens away from the wind to avoid the rain. My camera gear is still drying out in a container with lots of silica gel.

There was no obvious sunrise, it just gradually went from black to dark grey and lighter shades of grey, Belvoir Bay is seen here still pre-dawn with one of the highest tides of the year.

Shell Beach in Herm is world famous, here is my view from the weekend, making use of the billowing grasses in the blowing wind.

Herm Common is surprisingly large and on such a wild and windswept day has an appeal that reminds me of moorland such as the Yorkshire Moors, even though the sea is just behind.

The whole weekend was a very worthwhile experience. Thank you Emma for asking me to attend.