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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mica & Richard - a wedding at Castle Cornet

Mica & Richard's wedding was very distinctive.  Firstly they had a small and very sweet ceremony at St. Saviours Church on Friday, then the next day a spectacular celebration at Castle Cornet.

Believe it or not, this actually wasn't the smallest ceremony we had photographed.  It was beautifully relaxed and quite delightful.  Rev. Charmley took the ceremony, with only the couple and their parents present.  Well I was there with my normal team, my wife Karen and also my eldest daughter Rosemary.  As normal, we kept ourselves very discreet, even more important with such a small number of people in attendance.

A few work colleagues had hidden away outside as Mica & Richard emerged as a married couple.

Now onto Day 2. 

 One of the bridesmaids, Sophie (on the far right), spent the following day in a bath of tomatoes for charity!  A strange contrast indeed!  Well done and good luck with your tricycle ride to Paris too.

 While Rosemary and myself covered the bride getting ready, my wife Karen photographed the groomsmen.
 An old friend needed some special attention throughout the morning.

 The scene at the Castle for the ceremony was idylic.

 Rev. Charmley took the ceremony again, but the legalities had been taken care of the day before.  What a unique setting.

 A wedding in a castle, with a cake to match.
 The details in the marquee were obviously very carefully thought about.  The effect was stunning.
 Our toastmaster, Anthony, had come over specially from Jersey.  He was a great asset to the smooth running of the day.  But then having worked with his father, I knew Anthony would be well trained.
 Speeches took place prior to the meal.

 As evening approached we had the cake cutting and then people enjoyed the evening sunshine as preparations took place for the first dance.

 Castle Cornet is always an exciting place to photograph in, it was fun to take a few more artistic pictures later in the day.

 What a truly great day we all enjoyed with Mica & Richard.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Wynne & Wynne

After a recent successful day in the studio shooting pictures for local hairdressers 'Wynne and Wynne',, with my daughter Rosemary, our work was published in the 'GSY Life' magazine. It had five double page spreads, and included the set - up and preparation for the event.   

Go out and find yourselves a copy of this nice glossy magazine to see the reproductions in full.  I have posted a few images below.

As normal most of the work is in the preparations.  All the hairdressers and models had great fun while they worked to produce some amazing styles.

James Harrison filmed the day, producing a very dynamic video that is great to watch.

As soon as the models were ready we started photographing them in a variety of poses.  The idea was to show off Wynne & Wynne's work in an exciting way.

 The day was long and hard work, but it was great to have the opportunity to photograph this event, thank you Tammi.

Also thanks to my eldest daughter Rosemary for assisting and taking some great pictures herself. for more of her work.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Natalie & Guy

Natalie & Guy had a great day, getting married at St. Stephen's Church with their reception at La Grande Mare.  As I type this with the rain pouring down outside, it seems odd to be working on their pictures when their day was blessed with no wind and beautiful sunshine.

The bride and bridesmaids had a very early start to the day at the hairdressers, but with a midday ceremony, time was always going to be tight.

 Though once they were back at mum's, it wasn't long before everyone was fully ready at quite impressive speed!

 Guy and his groomsmen had a lot less to do, even managing to fit in a drink at the Rocquettes before the ceremony.

Natalie arrived precisely at 12 o'clock.
 This was my second wedding in recent weeks at St. Stephen's Church.  Again, Father Moore treated us to a lovely ceremony.

 The car looked so good, that Guy couldn't resist getting in the driver's seat!
 Once the correct chauffeur was in place, the couple made their way to the reception via a quick stop for pictures.

 Everything was beautifully laid out in the dining room.

 Speeches were great, with the best man in particular getting everyone laughing.

 We were even treated to a very personal and humorous song, before a couple of brave young people also said a few words.  This was much appreciated.

The couple had mentioned previously that they were going to have around 100 extra guests arriving for the reception. They were not exaggerating! Natalie and Guy were obviously a very popular couple, with the extra guests adding to the vibrant atmosphere on the packed dance floor.

 The good weather continued right throughout the day, with the evening being calm enough for people to enjoy time relaxing outside between songs.
 I wanted to share these last couple of pictures that I am especially pleased with. We snuck away from the dance floor to take some pictures after dusk. It was lovely to take a moment away from the frenzied dancing to enjoy the stillness outdoors, with a beautiful mist forming over the water..