Nick Desprs Photography

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Emma & Mark

Emma & Mark's wedding was a great day, characterised by some very key and emotional moments.
 There was a busy atmosphere as Emma got ready at her parents' house, but Benji the dog just took it all very calmly and didn't seem bothered by all the fuss.

The ceremony was held at St. Matthew's Church, with Rev. Mark Charmley conducting things in a touching way.

 Whatever the weather, just have a smile.  It was very windy and also with heavy rain.

 What a treat the singing was, the Guernsey Welsh Male Voice Choir were incredible.

 Holly's reading was one of the highlights of the day, it was so emotional and there couldn't have been a dry eye in the church.

 Luckily the rain had stopped as we exited the church, this allowed us to complete the family group photographs in the church doorway as planned.  No problems with people squinting in the sun today!

 So much effort had been taken to decorate the dining room at La Grande Mare, it looked beautiful and all the work was well worth it.

 Another emotional highlight of the day was Alfie's speech, he went last after the bestman.  A case of saving the best till last...
 Special mention must be made to Ernie and the Ormers.  They played a very polished set of popular songs.  Ernie really was so professional on the drums and clearly was having a great time.

 The audience were soon chanting enthusiastically for "one more song"!
Undoubtedly Ernie's performance was yet another emotional highlight of the day.

Then we moved on to the dance floor for the first dance.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rachel and Richard

Rachel and Richard had such an enjoyable and laid-back day for their wedding.

 Rachel did her own hair and make up and had a beautiful flower crown that suited the relaxed, Bohemian feel of the day.

 Rain was threatening, with the forecast being for heavy rain from early to mid-afternoon; having a 2pm ceremony was cutting it fine! There were a few anxious people checking rain radar apps on their phones as the time approached.

 Jayne White conducted the ceremony.

 Steph, one of the bridesmaids, sang after the certificate was signed.   It was a stunning performance and an emotional moment for everyone listening.

 With a few spots of rain starting to fall and an increasingly strong wind, we proceeded straight away to take the family group pictures.  We just got away with it!  As we finished, people retreated to the welcoming, dry interior of the Bella Luce.  Needless to say, we decided that it wasn't a good time to go and take pictures on the nearby cliffs!
 There was a great atmosphere inside.
 Colin Falla, who was playing the sax outside during the ceremony, also rapidly relocated indoors to continue playing.
 Rachel and Richard just seemed so comfortable together.
 The marquee was beautifully decorated and everyone moved in there for the meal, which meant braving the wind and rain.

 The inside out umbrella sums up the conditions nicely.
 Caught in the act...
 The rain was so heavy that people all moved closer to the top table so they could hear the speeches, giving the atmosphere a real sense of intimacy.

 No, this had nothing to do with Le Tour de France which only had 2 more days to go.  Instead, this was the T-shirt that literally got Richard noticed by Rachel on a night out when everyone else wore dark outfits!
 A warm up act for the first dance!

 I had never heard Stuck to the Ceiling play before, but they were amazing.  The lead singer certainly was enthusiastic and had everyone up on the dance floor.