Nick Desprs Photography

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

THE Shower Incident.....

Okay, okay by popular request here's what happened on Saturday when I went to the football club to photograph the groom's party getting ready.  With a degree of embarrassment I'll admit that in trying to find the best angle of Simon adjusting his tie in the mirror I was tight in against the opposite wall.  Well my back pressed the shower button and I was nicely drenched in a powerful overhead spray designed to clean off muddy footballers.  My jacket and head were soaked, unfortunately I was carrying 2 cameras and a flash gun at the time.

But fortunately the great merriment at my predicament made one of the highlights of the day for some, I dried off, the gear survived and also I had the presence to keep shooting to record the reactions.  I even laugh myself now when I think about it!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sara and Simon

Well there's so much to say about this event, how so much was fitted into this wonderful day was remarkable. It was a beautiful and fun packed wedding, quite memorable. Naturally there are a huge number of images to go through, I estimate I spend 4 times the number of hours editing my work than I do photographing the event, and I was taking pictures for a solid 16 hours on Saturday. This is the unseen side of the wedding photographer's workload.

I am keen to share a few initial images on the blog, to give a flavour of the event. So hope you enjoy these images, from the preparations, the service, football on the beach, to the reception and dance. I am looking forward to presenting the images to Sara and Simon when they return from honeymoon, we have some great images to show what an exciting day you had.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Golden Wedding Anniversary

While attending a family celebration today I naturally had to cover the event for the record.  But there is always the opportunity to keep an eye out for something special too.  Here are two images I was very pleased with, just taken as the children were playing naturally in the afternoon.  The saxaphone picture of Alex was in a corner of a room between a couple of windows, a radiator and a set of blinds. Natural light only and some contortions on the floor from me yielded a splendid image that I look forward to getting printed.

This other image of Fern was hastily photographed by looking through a collection of floral gifts.  To me it gives the impression of dense undergrowth or an elaborate hat.  Just goes to show we have to be prepared to deal with unexpected and fleeting chances, and having the eye to spot these opportunities in the first place.