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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Emily & Anthony - A Christmas Wedding Story

Winter weddings are wonderful, I find the ambience and lighting are often highly photogenic.  Emily & Anthony got married at the Greffe on Friday and then had a full day of ceremony and reception the following day, this was the day before Christmas Eve.  So anyone at the wedding had better have completed their Christmas shopping before, otherwise they will have missed their chance.

Emily's dress was so beautiful, I was especially pleased with the elements that came together to give me this picture of the dress.

 While I covered the bride's side of the preparations, my wife Karen, photographed Anthony and his groomsmen.

 The ceremony was taken by Jane White at St. James, the Whittaker Hall is always special, but made a bit more so by the addition of the Christmas decorations.
 The weather was a bit dull and grey, with some drizzle.  But fortunately everyone who travelled to Guernsey for the wedding had managed to arrive in time, despite all the fog delays over the last few days.

 A confetti aisle indoors is not a common event, also pretty difficult to photograph in a dark interior!

 Dull weather and a mid winter garden doesn't mean that there aren't opportunities to take lovely photographs. as we proved on a quick stop at Candie Gardens.

 Another great choice of venue for the reception, The Old Government House Hotel.  The dining room was decorated to stunning effect.

 A humorous juxtaposition as Anthony appears framed by the picture on the wall!
 There was plenty of time for people to have a drink and a good laugh before the call for dinner and speeches.

 As soon as I saw the beautiful decorations in the doorway of the OGH, I wanted to take something of the couple there. This is one of my favourite recent shots and sums up the atmosphere I wanted to create perfectly.

 Dancing continued to midnight and culminated in a lovely moment as the families formed a tight circle during the last song.  What a way to finish off such a special day.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stephanie & Samuel - Day Two

On a damp afternoon the Bella Luce Hotel was a welcoming venue for the second day of Steph & Sam's wedding celebrations.

A cosy interior and good music greeted those gathering together.  The theme was Disney fancy dress!  Some people who were there the day before were barely recognisable, there had clearly been a huge effort amongst the guests to get dressed for the occasion.

 Sam's family have a keen interest in photography, in fact some of his relatives were involved in setting up the very first photography clubs in Guernsey.
 I thought Eeyore was meant to be miserable!  Mind you his tail wasn't fixed with a nail so that could explain things.

 A second day and a second spectacular cake, any excuse for more cake is a good one in my opinion. No-one could tell it had had a little mishap on it's journey to the hotel!  No problem for this bride.

 Chris, the best man, performed his speech for the second evening.
 Then it was time for the party to really get going, Q-Sky performed a fantastic job as DJs and with the lighting.

 Some costumes must have been pretty hot to dance the night away in...

 Beauty & The Beast, aka Steph & Sam, didn't take to the dance floor for any formal first dance.  So at the end of the evening I was pleased to spot them having a quiet dance while the party was in full swing next door.  A nice way to finish off the coverage.