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Monday, December 30, 2013

Annabel & Arron

We've had some pretty rough weather over the Christmas holidays.  If you are getting married and it is pouring with rain and blowing a force 9 gale what do you do?  The answer is to have the biggest, most sparkly smile possible all day long!  This is exactly what Annabel and Arron did and everyone had such a great time.

Arron's hair took a lot of effort to get just right, the bestman's duties are many and varied!

 The wind and rain made for an interesting walk for the bride from the car to the church.
 Arron looked very relaxed as Annabel battled the conditions to the church door.

 We had a beautiful ceremony, it was nice to be able to use some of the seasonal decorations to find some different compositions.

 Strange very few people waited around to throw confetti on the happy couple.

 Once at La Grande Mare Hotel for the reception, we took the opportunity to use more Christmas decorations for some pictures.  Stopping for some outdoor photographs on the journey from the church was certainly out of question due to the conditions.

 Once the couple entered the dining room it was straight into the speeches, these got great reactions.

 The first dance was a very touching moment, Annabel's sisters were not the only ones with tears in their eyes!

 Annabel and Arron are there somewhere...

What a truly great day everyone had, quite fitting for such a happy couple.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Lucy & Darren

November can be as good a time to get married as any.  Lucy and Darren had a lovely day recently with perfect conditions.

Lucy got ready at the Duke of Richmond Hotel, where the reception was to be held later.  In fact she was busy first thing in the morning re-arranging tables and putting in place some decorations!  The dress was quite special and had some gorgeous embroidery.

 The joke was that Lucy was unlikely to be parted from her jeans, even on her wedding day.   Well this was correct and she made a point of wearing them!
 Meanwhile Darren had a less hectic start to his day.  The groomsmen fitted in a drink before making their way to St. Sampson's Church.

 No normal wedding car for this bride!
 The three page boys were pretty eager to begin their walk up the aisle, Lucy was given away by her brother.

 After the ceremony we visited Lucy's Gran before going on to the reception.

 Not quite sure how we managed to get this lively lot to stay still long enough for this picture.
 Each guest had a hand made duck as a place setting, someone had spent a huge amount of time and effort.  The cake was also a labour of love by Darren's mum, depicting the couple's keenness of snowboarding.

 Speeches were started off in great fashion by Grandpa.

 Tristan, the best man, had a very entertaining slideshow telling the story of Darren's life.

 Soon it was evening, time for the cake cutting with a row of intrigued little onlookers.
 The same crowd then became an integral part of the first dance.
 Eventually the adults took over the dance floor and there was a great deal of energetic activity for the next few hours.

 This was a special day for a special couple.